what is ‘smart’ metering?

  • The next generation of gas and electricity meters, to replace existing ‘dumb’ meters
  • They send information direct to the supplier using new communications technology
  • They record how much energy the household has used and when
  • The energy usage will be displayed in cost (£/p) as well as units (kW/kWh)

Download our easy guide to smart meters here 

the benefits

For customers:

  • An In-Home Display (IHD) simplifies the data
  • Real-time, accurate information on energy usage and cost
  • Helps save money and carbon emissions
  • Visibility of exported energy (for solar panels etc.)
  • Faster support on issues
  • Can easily switch tariff or between pay-as-you-go and direct debit functions

For suppliers:

  • No need to read meters
  • More accurate data
  • No more estimated bills
  • Fewer incoming enquiries

the plans

  • All customers are to be offered smart meters, with every home within Great Britain expected to have a smart meter installed by 2020.
  • There is no up-front cost to the householder/property owner for a smart meter to be installed, as the costs will be recouped through energy bills over time.
  • Around 3.5 million SMETS 1 smart meters have already been installed throughout the UK as part of the "Foundation" phase of smart meter installation.
  • Work has been completed to develop a SMETS 2 meter. Roll out of these meters is expected to start in 2018.